Call Kimber today at 858-444-6092 with any questions.

1. No changing roster spots once class begins. 

2. In the past folks have chosen to miss a day because of some other activity they believe is more important than the life skill of swim. There are no make up classes when you choose another non medical activity. An example of what we might be able to work with is a specialist doctor appointment that was scheduled prior to enrolling into swim2john. Tell use about this when you enroll and we can try to accommodate during the class. We will not accommodate other  types of absents. 

3. We will Post the 2018 Calendar right here in January when we open enrollment and will Email everyone in our contacts. Send email to to get on our contact list. 

Do you want to Host a Swim Class?

By hosting a swim class you get reduced tuition for one  (1) child and safety advantages for your kids