Below is the 2019 Calendar

A note about missing a session. We cannot accommodate any make up for missing a session for any non medical activity. If your child gets sick or has a long standing doctor specialist appointment we will work to make up a session. Let us know about special doctors appointments made prior to enrolling to our class.

You are paying a fixed fee to produce a swimmer. In some cases it takes 4 days in others 9 days. You do not pay for time in the water. The job is generally done in less than 10 days.  

Emails for roster spots should look like this.

    Roster spots are on the 10 minute interval. Select a date and location then email Kimber to get enrolled. She will respond.  

Email to  

It should look something like : 

  • Hi Kimber can I get the 10:10 spot April 2 -13 in Santaluz for Sam age 34 months old at the time of class.  
  • Hi Kimber I need the 7:50 and the 8:00 spots for Enicintas March 19-30 class for my two children, Robert will be age 33 months  at the time of class and Sherri age 4. (Tell us the approximate age in months the child will be at the time of the class if under 36 months old. If they will be 37 months old just say 3 years old. If they will be 46 months old at class time just say 4 years old.)  


2019 Calendar

Dates and Areas

Date         Area

Feb 4-15                 Guam

Orange County

Feb 18-March 1

7:30-9:00         Missison Viejo Area

10:30-11:50     Newport Bch Area

March 4-15

7:30-9:20 Carlsbad

10:30-11:50 4S Ranch

3:30-5:20 Encinitas

March 18-29

7:30-9:20 Scripps Ranch

10:30-11:50 Torrey Highlands/RPQ

3:30-5:20 4S/Del Sur/RB

April 1-12

7:30-9:20 El Cajon

10:30-11:50 Mission Grg/Santee

3:30-5:20 La Mesa/Del Cerro

April 15-26

7:30-9:20 Rancho Santa Fe/Santaluz

10:30-11:50 La Jolla/ PB

3:30-5:20 Carmel Valley

April 29-May 10

7:30-9:20 Encinitas

10:30-11:50 Carlsbad

3:30-5:20 Oceanside/N. Carlsbad

May 13-24

7:30-9:20 4S/Del Sur/Santaluz

10:30-11:50 Poway

3:30-5:20 Scripps Ranch

May 27-June 7

7:30-9:20 Mission Grg/Santee

10:30-11:50 El Cajon

3:30-5:20 La Mesa

June 10-21

7:30-9:20 Carlsbad

10:30-11:50 Mira Mesa

3:30-5:20 Encinitas

June 22 - July 7 BREAK 

July 8-19

7:30-9:20 Encinitas

10:30-11:50 Poway

3:30-5:20 Poway

July 22-Aug 2

7:30-9:20 La Mesa

10:30-11:50 Mission Hills

3:30-5:20 La Jolla

August 5-16

7:30-9:20 4S/Del Sur/ Sanatluz

10:30-11:50 Rancho Santa Fe

3:30-5:20 Carlsbad

August 19-30

7:30-9:20 Poway

10:30-11:50 Scripps Ranch

3:30-5:20 Encinitas

Sept 9-20

7:30-9:20 Carlsbad

10:30-11:50 Cardiff/Solana Beach

3:30-5:20 4S/Del Sur/ Sanatluz

Sept 23-Oct 4

7:30-9:20 Encinitas

10:30-11:50 Carmel Valley

3:30-5:20 Scripps Ranch


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