About Swim 2 John

We are serious about kids learning to swim

The image of a casket is all too real for over 1,600 families each year. Wheelchairs are the reality for many who survive a near drowning. We do not waste your time or money playing with your child in the water. We build their confidence and teach them they can do difficult things they are not familiar with. It can save their life. We do save you hundreds of hours of your time. We do save you thousands of dollars to get this parenting task done. 


Since 2003 over 7,500 new swimmers


You are likely at our site due to a friend referring you. If you came from YELP or Google - welcome too. We are not an ISR or Y type of swim program. We produce new swimmers and train parents how to be the new coach and take over to advance the new swimmer. All in 10 days or less with about 10 minutes in the pool each day. 

Keep these facts in mind:

1. All humans automatically hold their breath when submerged in liquid.

2. The age a child can remember the life skill of swim starts at 17 months. 

3. Kids are unpredictable, therefore you should not entrust them around water or rely on flotation devices. 

GUARANTEE & Pay on day three


Pay on day 3 of class. You have 2 days to decide if we are the right program for you.

If your child is not swimming in 10 days you get 2 choices. 1. We refund all your money.  2. John will keep with it until your child is swimming. This guarantee applies to all students 30 months or older. Kids younger are NOT guaranteed to swim in 10 days. We do not refund tuition for kids under 30 months old. 

What to Expect & Cost




What is Swim2John Like? It could be three of the hardest days of your life. 

Parents love our tough love about as much as they like having a baby without an epidural. But the joy of a new swimmer is like holding that new born baby - the labor is worth the result.  

$500 - 10 days - about 10 minutes each day 

John with the Holloway family of swimmers


They paid less than $3,000 to get all six kids swimming independently. Most families pay that to get one child swimming at a Y - type swim program. 

John working to develop strokes


After your athlete becomes a new swimmer you are invited into the pool to learn how to advance their swim skills and teach strokes. This new swimmer is swimming out to his parent, John is assisting. 

Days 1, 5 & 7 of swim lessons with John

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