Understand that ALL CHILDREN (and adults too) MANIPULATE  for control. You as a parent are on duty 24 hours a day and there are gaps in your continuity of parenting. John, as the swim instructor has your child for 10-15 minutes and cannot pay attention to the manipulative noise (crying). ALL STUDENTS CRY - Some for more days than others but generally 2-4 days. 

Saving one's life demands an immediate action which is developed as a CONDITIONED RESPONSE.

The no nonsense method of instruction is time-tested. It works, watch and enjoy your child learn a LIFE SKILL!

A child's daily routine relies on maintaining CONTROL  through MANIPULATION.

This is done vocally by crying. 

All children (and adults), as part of their natural growth, physical as well as mental, search for control. For this the child will vocally try to get the ball in their court. This trait has been observed with John's students. Another commonality, is the young person's comfort level. Discipline is accomplished much easier with daily continuity within the family structure. Too many choices confuse most children. Make life simple, consistent and understandable. It will help your child progress in the early years as well as making parenting easier.

​                    BE CONSISTENT!